Social Networking Links

I created this page as a catch all for links and tutorials about Facebook, Twittter and other Social Media. I’ll update this from time to time as changes occur.  Feel free to comment and suggest other resources that should be included.

The 10 Facebook Privacy Settings You Need to Know.

Video Tutorial on Privacy Settings

Social Networking 101 for physicians

Short video explaining the concept of Social Networking

AMA Policy: Professionalism in the Use of Social Media

AFT Professional Issues Forum on Health Care

Top 25 Facebook Apps for Healthcare Professionals

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    Dave–you were great yesterday in Buffalo for the WNY Retirees. The entire conference was outstanding. Congresswoman Hochul knocked it out of the ball park and you had a 3rd base hit !! Obviously I am checking out the NYSUT Tech Blog, so I am doing my homework. Thanks, Linda

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