Rally for Hilton Albany workers Oct. 17!

rally for hilton albany workers

NYSUT members, officers, leaders and New York State AFL-CIO activists will rally in Albany on Tuesday, October 17, against the new owners and management of the Albany Hilton for their failure to give their hardworking employees a fair contract. The rally will take place outside the hotel beginning at 4:30 p.m. Join us! Homemade signs […]

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Ever the unionist: Sheila Goldberg

Nothing, it seems, can stop Sheila Goldberg, president of Retiree Council 17. Her unwavering union spirit and eagerness to help is always at full steam, even from her hospital bed. When Sheila let folks know about her upcoming surgery, she made it clear: No flowers or gifts, please. Donate to the NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund […]

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Niskayuna teacher’s eclipse party — 23 years in the making — draws hundreds

Talk about event planning. Niskayuna science teacher Paul Scott began inviting students to a party for today’s solar eclipse back in 1994, when he started teaching. “We got invited in 2006,” said former student Dan Gardiner. “I put in my calendar.” So, apparently, did hundreds of other students, who, along with hundreds of community members, […]

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For Vestal bus driver, lessons learned over 56 years and a million miles

robert breed

Robert Breed’s career as a school bus driver spanned 56 years and more than one million miles. It was time and distance well spent, transporting three generations of Vestal Central School District students, including his own children and grandchildren. Breed is a member of the Vestal Employees Association in Broome County and began driving for […]

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Former NYSUT counsel receives national award

Bernard Ashe

Bernard Ashe, who served as NYSUT’s general counsel from 1972-1996, has been honored by the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Section with its 2017 Arvid Anderson award. The award recognizes Ashe’s outstanding contributions to the development of labor law in the public sector. “Bernard really did so much to shape the union’s Office of […]

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Purveyor of poverty to run NYU Bookstore

stephen rechner

(Editor’s note: New York University has never been known as being worker friendly. And no one knows that better than Steve Rechner (pictured), president of the union of Clerial, Administrative & Technical Staff and a member of the NYSUT Board of Directors, representing private colleges. Rechner holds nothing back in the current issue of UCATS […]

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Retiree support key to Pellegrino win

If Mel Stern hasn’t returned your phone call or answered your email in a few months, don’t take it personally. As an active member of NYSUT’s Suffolk County Political Action Committee, Stern and his fellow PAC members had their hands full helping Baldwin Teachers Association member Christine Pellegrino, a Democrat, pull off a David-and-Goliath-sized win […]

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NBCT blog valuable for all educators

NYSUT’s Susan Lafond knows a thing or two about professional development for educators. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and works with statewide professional development training through the union’s Education & Learning Trust. Lafond also serves on AFT’s ELL Educator Cadre and is an expert practitioner and adviser to Colorin Colorado. Recently, Lafond added […]

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Technology, design and teacher’s good heart merge to help student

At the start of the 2016-17 school year, a new 3D printer was installed in the technology department at Whitesboro High School in Oneida County. Its capabilities, combined with the heart and skill of technology teacher Chris Jensen, resulted in the creation of a new prosthetic hand for student Virginia Davis. The printers are used […]

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First they came for …

I met today with T and M, a Muslim refugee and a Mexican immigrant respectively. Those traits are important, but T and M are much more than that. They are sons and grandsons. They are geeks and athletes and writers. They are part of my extended family of former students. They are humans with all […]

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