Were you a prize-winner?

Pre-registered schools participating in the Speak Truth to Power webcast were eligible for giveaways. Winners were chosen at random and announced during the program.

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Speak Truth to Power tee-shirts to:

  • Saranac High SchoolElise Beaulieu’s 12th grade class

2. Speak Truth to Power book #1 to:

  • Robert C. Dodson Schoolc/o teacher, Joanne Casella

3. Case of Fair Trade chocolate bars and lunch with Lee Cutler, NYSUT Secretary-Treasurer to:

  • Cleveland Hill Environmental Clubc/o teacher, Dan Scholz

4. NYSUT donated educational supplies, Staples gift card and RFK memorabilia to:

  • Dunkirk School 3Pam Pleszewski’s 5th grade class

AND to:

  • Orleans-Niagara BOCESMarla Rudin’s 12th grade class

5. Speak Truth to Power book # 2 to:

  • Brentwood High Schoolc/o teacher Pam O’Brien

One Response to “Were you a prize-winner?”

  1. Elise Beaulieu January 21, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    Dear NYSUT,
    Thank You so much for the tee shirts, my students were very excited to receive them.
    Every year in both of my senior electives, Psychology and Sociology, I teach lessons that deal with human rights abuses worldwide. It is important that we as educators teach about the human condition and how many never get to experience the freedoms and liberties that enjoy here in this country every day. It is my hope by teaching this material that my students will be inspired to really think deeply about what we can do to create a better world for all.
    Elise Beaulieu
    Saranac High School
    Saranac, NY

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