Gear up for April 9


Working families across the country are organizing numerous actions for next week. All lead up to the top event, the We Are One Rally that starts at noon in Times Square. It’s anticipated NYSUT’s delegates will march to that rally direct from their business meeting, the 39th annual convention. If you are not already in […]

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Ohio lawmakers pass limits on unions…

…and have sent the bill to Gov. John Kasich who is expected to sign it. Here’s the Reuters article. I’m loathe to link to any New York Times articles because they are in the midst of charging for access to their on-line articles. But here’s a quote from their coverage: “The vote in the House […]

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The Capitol’s ‘Million Dollar Staircase’ is now the ‘Millionaires’ Tax Staircase’

Setting the scene here at the Capitol: Organizers have renamed the Million Dollar Staircase the “Millionaires’ Tax Staircase.” There are hundreds of demonstrators from SUNY and CUNY. AQE’s Billy Easton announced that 70 large pizzas would be delivered to the Capitol at 7 pm, the largest pizza delivery in state history. He said s’mores would […]

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Wisconsin judge to Gov. Walker: Am I clear?

Thanks folks for sending us this link. Wisconsin’s AFL-CIO tells it this way. Oh, this makes me remember the scene from A Few Good Men. Click here for the audio.

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Eyewitness account of Triangle Fire

By William Shepherd (The nation learned of the horrible fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company through the eyewitness account of a United Press reporter who happened to be in Washington Square on March 25, 1911. He phoned in details while watching the tragedy unfold. At the other end of the telephone, Roy Howard telegraphed Shepherd’s […]

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road. To the Capitol.


“Dorothy” and “Scarecrow” are real-life sisters, and they came from Michigan and Wisconsin to support New Yorkers in trouble. They stood front and center at the NYSUT rally on Tuesday to support public education, held at the state capital.

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Wisconsin judge issues restraining order on anti-union law

Via Twitter comes word that a Wisconsin judge has issued a temporary restraining order on Gov. Walker’s anti-union legislation – the so-called “budget repair bill” that was able to pass the Senate last week.

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Media can ignore Madison, but this is a movement

I knew over 150,000 people converged on Madison last weekend. Because my friends there told me. My local paper carried nothing. Try googling it. You’ll find The Daily Show and blogger reports. This was bigger than the Feb. 26 rally. If you want to get an idea of how large it was check out this […]

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VIDEO: How it feels to be a teacher in the current climate

Mark Rosengarten teaches chemistry in Wallkill and is a proud member of the Washingtonville TA. Check out his poem about the current climate.

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Don’t give in, don’t give up and don’t despair

You might think I’m talking about Wisconsin. Actually those words came to me last night from Andy Pallotta, and it’s about New York. We’re three weeks away from the state budget deadline. Today 4201 schools supports rally and lobby at the state Capitol to keep their schools open. These are the 11 schools for the […]

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