Wake up calls

Gov. Scott Walker beat back efforts to recall him in Wisconsin, while the Wisconsin Senate meanwhile may have lost its Republican majority.  Here’s a column about the big bucks that Gov. Scott Walker collected to retain his seat. This lengthy article in the New York Times says the Wisconsin recall election will foretell the results […]

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You can’t fool Wisconsin voters

The first round of recall elections were held in Wisconsin yesterday. In all cases the “real” Democrats won their primaries. Even Fox News took aim at the state Republican party for placing six Republicans on the ballot as “fake Democrats” to force the primaries. (How much did this cost Wisconsin taxpayers?) Read more: Wis. Democrats Soundly Defeat […]

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Wisconsin judge issues restraining order on anti-union law

Via Twitter comes word that a Wisconsin judge has issued a temporary restraining order on Gov. Walker’s anti-union legislation – the so-called “budget repair bill” that was able to pass the Senate last week.

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Wisconsin Senate finds loophole to pass anti-union bill


Reports are in that Republican Senators passed sweeping anti-union legislation tonight 18-1.

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Has Gov. Scott Walker overplayed his hand?

Don’t let the headline for the new Wall Street Journal opinion piece fool you: the fight for workers’ rights in Wisconsin goes on. But Rick Ungar makes the case that nationally, Gov. Scott Walker has hurt the anti-union cause by emboldening union forces in his home state and beyond.

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When will teachers follow the lead of Wall Street…

…and start making some sacrifices for children? That’s the question Jon Stewart asked last night. Go to www.thedailyshow.com. to be reminded of the “debate” why the Bush-era tax cuts could not be extended for those making more than $250,000. But let’s stick it to the average Wisconsin teacher who makes $51,000. The Daily Show With […]

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Jon Stewart: ‘Pish, posh, piffle’

Jon Stewart — as only Jon Stewart can — delivered a hilarious “Message to teachers” on The Daily Show Monday night. I won’t spoil the fun. You need to watch for yourself. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Crisis in Dairyland – Message for Teachers www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full […]

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Hilda Solis says the family of labor deserves support, not attack

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ remarks this past weekend say it all: I’ve been following the developments in Wisconsin, and Ohio, and many other states across the country. We know that many states are facing tough budget decisions. We know that there’s room for shared sacrifice. And we’ve seen our brothers and sisters in the public […]

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After so much sacrifice, why do teachers still get the blame?

New Yorkers can surely understand the frustration of Wisconsin teachers and other state workers who have already given back in salary and benefits – and are still being blamed for budget problems.

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Wisconsin Assembly passes Gov. Walker’s assault on collective bargaining

The early morning vote followed three days of debate and sends the bill to the state Senate. Fourteen Senate Democrats remain out of state, denying Republicans a quorum and blocking action in that chamber.

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