Here’s how you get to Carnegie Hall (updated)

midge loa

A good underdog story sells. Underdog stories are about a person or group working against all odds to make it to the big time in sports, business, the movies, the circus, or to win a battle or true love, or to graduate medical school, or even high school. So here’s news of the Hancock Select […]

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New York students excel (again)

Congratulations to the 40 students, and especially the seven New Yorkers, who have been named finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search. Here’s a link to all 40 students and their schools. We’ve teased out those from New York. If the district is obvious from the name of the school, we left that out. Any […]

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Celebrating our schools

Next week a number of Long Island locals, most of them in Nassau county, are coordinating a number of events to draw attention to the great work of students and teachers in their schools. From April 29 through May 5, members will hand out information bulletins, make phone calls, and sponsor sports nights as well […]

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‘We’re teaching for excellence’

Sometimes you just have to toot your own horn. Especially to send up some music against the constant drumbeat of those wishing to downgrade public education.

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