Breaking News: Schools, students get all they need

If you believe that headline, then there’s a bridge for sale that might just interest you. Here’s just one link about how school districts in western New York and across our state are struggling to provide what students need. Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day. It’s also the start of School Library Month. Here’s a link […]

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Budget basics

So the New York State Senate passed the 2013-14 budget this morning, finishing at about 4:30 a.m. The Assembly will reconvene and act tomorrow. Overall education aid increase is $936 million, or a 4.7 percent increase. Lawmakers re-allocated $203 million in fiscal stabilization funds and added $184 million above what the executive budget proposed. High […]

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Campaign kickoff to “Educate NY Now!”

A yearlong campaign to Educate NY Now! launched today. After having just been through two days of rain in the Capital Region, the superintendent of Cohoes had the best comments. Here’s what Robert K. Libby said: The common ground we stand on feels a lot like quick sand. The erosion of state aid to low-wealth […]

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Fight Back Friday: May 15 matters


We are now 11 days until most school districts submit their 2012-13 budgets to voters. The mainstream media is finally putting out more information about the real impact of the tax cap. Here’s one article about what the cap will do to a number of districts south of Kingston and north of Manhattan. Here’s a […]

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Fight Back Friday: Ready to rally


Across the state all year long, NYSUT members have been fighting for more funds for programs. Here’s some specifics on what locals are working on now. Today starting at 3:30 the members of the Mohonasen Teachers Association take their fight to the streets. They will be joined by a number of NYSUT locals and other […]

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School cuts hurt in Elmira

Soon NYSUT United readers will be getting their May issues. There is a two-page spread about how school districts across the state are coping with budget cuts this year with information about the Elmira City Schools. But even with a two-page spread, sadly there’s much more to the story. The cuts are just that deep. […]

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Taxing Tuesday: May 15 matters

Unions across the state are telling us about the budget cuts their districts are facing. Hearing about cuts makes me think of cards. Hearing about just the three cases I dealt with yesterday makes me realize these schools have a cold deck. (For the non-card players, that means the cards are specifically rigged against them. […]

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