The joy of victory (29) and agony of defeat (2)

There is good news for students in 29 school districts, where voters approved budgets in revotes last night. Voters in three of those districts, Newcomb in the north country, and Manhasset and North Babylon on Long Island, even agreed to override the property tax cap. For the remaining districts, only a 50 percent “yes” vote […]

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June 18 matters: Round 2 for some districts

It is now two weeks until the school budget revote date. Across the state, only 32 districts did not pass their budgets on the first try and 21 of those really passed, but did not reach the 60 percent supermajority needed to override their tax cap. Districts can either adopt a 0 percent increase to their […]

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June 18 matters: Schools try again to pass budgets

For those 32 school districts across the state whose budgets did not pass, the next three weeks are crucial. June 18 is the last chance to ask voters to approve a spending increase. We’re still collecting information about what those 32 districts will do. Here’s one link to news that the Newcomb district will again […]

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School budget votes add up to wins and losses (Updated)

The oft-used phrase from ABC Sports about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat so applies to school budget votes. The thrill of victory is for the vast majority of school budgets across the state that passed. NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi called the successful voting day “a resoundingly positive message about public education. […]

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Vote on school budgets today!

My school district’s proposed budget only increases .74 percent but, because the tax levy is going up 5.4 percent, 60 percent of voters need to approve it today for it to pass. The tax levy on local taxpayers has gone up because the South Colonie schools have lost $13.4 million in state aid over the […]

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Feel Good Friday: Vote May 21

You hold the future of hundreds of thousands of students across our state. On Tuesday, you get to say whether their school budgets should pass or fail. In so many communities, there are many feel good events (regardless of what some politicians might be telling you.) Here’s photo gallery of just one school district’s efforts […]

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May 21 Matters: One week to go until school budget votes

It’s now one week before most school districts submit their annual budgets to voters. NYSUT United brought you the news more than two weeks ago that fewer districts are trying to override the tax cap and that many are staying well within the cap. That story was based on a NYSUT survey of districts before […]

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May 21 matters: 5 weeks to go

Schools districts across the state have 10 days to adopt their 2013-14 school budgets. Most news articles I’ve seen point to districts choosing to stay within their property tax cap rates. Here’s a compilation for lower-Hudson area schools from the Journal News. In Schenectady County, where I live, so far one district is going to […]

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Syracuse rally redux (updated with photos)

Still energized from Friday’s rally in Syracuse. Click here for Channel 9’s news coverage. Perfect weather, 65 degrees, sunny with just enough of a breeze to cool things off as speakers got heated. There are a few issues getting the photos up. (The first starts with my laptop dying en route to the convention. My […]

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Canandaigua set to do the the can-can


That’s right – in CANandaigua, it’s all about what they can do. And this Saturday, they are doing their own version of the can-can to get people out in support of the May 15 school board budget vote. In a community park called The Commons on Main St. (Rt. 332) students, coaches and teachers will […]

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