Great picture, but who is she?


Hi out there! El-Wise took this great picture, but without anyone around him with a pen and paper to write down her name. Anyone know who she is? Please call me at 800 342-9810 ext. 6283 or e-mail to Thanks for any help!

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Smiling faces at the Smithsonian Metro stop


Anyone know this woman? We arranged for Mike Campbell, the AFT’s photographer, to be at the Smithsonian Metro stop about 10:30 a.m. to get pictures of our folks. He just e-mailed us a few of those pics. This was among his favorites, but he added he’s so sorry he can’t provide her name. So if […]

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Video: AFT and NEA presidents address One Nation activists

The One Nation, Working Together team has the entire day’s events online at their YouTube channel. The following two videos include the presidents of NYSUT’s national affiliates, the AFT’s Randi Weingarten and the NEA’s Dennis Van Roekel. You can access all of the speakers online at AFT President Randi Weingarten With Mark Thompson and […]

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One Nation march has got to end sometime


It’s almost noon, four days after the One Nation Working Together event and we’re still getting photos in! Look for the Tarrytown group photos from when they left Saturday morning. Somehow they got lost in the mix. Meanwhile, NYSUT life HAS continued. The ED 51-53 meeting (that means retirees) starts at 2 p.m. today Andrew […]

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Making connections, building memories


As much as I dislike falling back on clichés to relay a story, sometimes an oft-repeated phrase sums it all up. It really is a small world. Much of Saturday’s One Nation March in D.C. blends together for me as I was interviewing member after member and trying to capture their words, take in the […]

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What’s in a number anyway?

“I love that photo you have up on the website that shows how many people were there!” I’ve heard that from so many people so far. Of course we’re all competitive and want to have a bigger number than some “other” recent rallies in Washington, D.C.  I’ve seen reports that said One Nation had 175,000 […]

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One nation, and a gazillion photos

And on the third day, success! Florence McCue succeeded in e-mailing me photos. Actually, it only took her two days, but since I volunteered to babysit three adorable children last night, I wasn’t at NYSUT at 8:39 p.m. to get the e-mail. So do check out the Flickr site for images she’s sending. You’d never […]

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Tech glitches are more than a pain


Have you ever been the sole photographer of record for an important event? Then your camera gets wet by a torrential rainstorm and half of the images are truncated. Truncated is what the computer told me. It meant only half of the picture can be seen or printed. It’s a kick in the gut. El-Wise […]

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Photos are on tech overload


Good afternoon folks! Check out NYSUT’s Flickr page for just a few of the images that have come streaming in from the One Nation March in Washington, D.C, from the Making Strides walks in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Waterloo, and the SRP Leadership conference in Albany. It’s amazing how active NYSUT’s membership has been over […]

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