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Not one to rest on the laurels of a successful forum on community education at Lyncourt School in Syracuse earlier this week, Westhill District Education Association President Greg McCrea has assigned his colleagues with homework for the February break, calling on them to get informed, get active on social media, and speak out.

It’s terrific grassroots activism and the very model of taking the resources we’ve gathered at (particularly the take action page) and making them more effective by adapting them for advocacy at the local level.

What are you doing in your local community to take action and spread the word about the governor’s anti-education agenda? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s Greg’s action letter to members, which is also available on the WDEA website.

A Little Homework for Break

Last night was only the beginning. We need your help. The only thing the politicians and the media will listen to is action by our members and by parents from across the state. Here are a few simple, but powerful, things you can do in the next week that will make a difference.

1) Get informed

2) Get active on Social Media

  • If you currently use Facebook or Twitter, like and follow the NYSUT page and the CNY Teacher page for the latest posts.
  • If you’re a Twitter user, recruit one colleague, friend or family member to start a new Twitter account. Simple screencasts and printable instructions are available
  • If you’re not a Twitter user, please sign up today. Follow this link to learn how. We need an army of teachers and parents speaking up on social media in this fight. It is the new town square where politicians and journalists go to hear feedback from people like you.

3) Speak out!

  • Write a letter: Take a few minutes over break to write a letter to the Post Standard. We’ve had some great letters published in the last few weeks but we run the risk that the print media will stop covering this issue. We need letters to the editor and articles in every print edition of the paper and that will only happen if teachers like you speak out.
  • Call your NYS Senator today. You can look up their number on the NYSUT MAC:
  • #InviteCuomo to your classroom via the web: On your cellphone, take a picture of yourself in your classroom (no pix of kids unless they’re family please) with the hashtag #InviteCuomo displayed (on a poster, smartboard, or the whiteboard). Send the picture to our WDEA email or directly to my cell phone. I’ll post the pix for you on our WDEA website and share them on social media. This is a great way for you to speak out on social media even if that’s not your thing. Be creative, take a pict with your teammates or photograph something in your class you’d like to share with the gov.
  • #InviteCuomo to your classroom via the mail: We’re going to deliver hand written invitations to Cuomo’s office in March from as many parents, teachers, and students we can muster. After break, we’ll be circulating invitations for you to fill out. Think kids party with puppy dogs and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them. We’ll pay for postage, all we need from you is a hand written note telling the gov he needs to get out of Albany and get into the public schools. Can you imagine thousands of invitations arriving at the governor’s office from around NY?

Thank you for all you do every day for our community. In public education, people make a difference – you make a difference. The next few months will be among the most challenging as teachers in NY. I know you’ll continue to fight for public schools and the kids we serve.

In Solidarity,


Mr. Gregory McCrea (Music Teacher)
Cherry Road School/Walberta Park School
Westhill Central School District

Thank YOU, Greg.


What’s going on in your local community to take action against the governor’s corporate education agenda? Let us know in the comments.

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