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adirondack carousel

Today is, as A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh so famously said, “a rather blustery day.” Snowflakes are flying, adding to the hefty drifts already covering the ground. The evergreen branches are host to drapes of snow. Outside my window at NYSUT headquarters, a flock of birds frantically pluck at berries from a tree. The hulking […]

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Tarrytown ‘First Book’ a big hit


NYSUT locals across the state have been successfully participating in the First Book Challenge project. Thousands of new books have been given away to children, thanks to local unions. One of the latest First Book giveaways was in Tarrytown area, where NYSUT Regional Staff Director Marc Laffer was on hand. Here is Laffer’s impression of […]

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

The number of Pearl Harbor survivors is dwindling. Yet, that does not diminish the historical importance or solemn memory of that day, December 7, 1941, which President Roosevelt declared would be a day that “would live in infamy.” As Pearl Harbor ceremonies took place in Hawaii yesterday, NYSUT today remembers with honor and dignity the […]

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Remembering — and fighting again — pregnancy discrimination


Today’s Supreme Court oral hearings in the case of Peggy Young vs. UPS are about the rights of a pregnant woman on the job. This case is about workers’ rights. Women’s rights. Peggy Young was forced out of her job because she was pregnant. Many organizations are rallying today outside the Supreme Court in Washington, […]

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Recommitting to solving HIV/AIDS; helping those with illness


Today is World AIDS Day, and there is much to be grateful for (advances in care), much to do (supporting those with HIV, educating people about it), and much to know. This year’s theme for World Aids Day is Focus, Partner and Achieve. Dr. Ronald Valdiserri, director of the Office of HIV/AIDS and Infections Disease […]

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