Day of Action: Nyack puts jingle in Monday morning blues

Video via Pearl River Patch. A clip of “Data This! Data That!” begins at 2:19.

In music, there is a genre called “the blues.” Then there’s a genre called Christmas — or holiday — music. In Nyack, they overlapped Monday morning when music teacher and TA Vice President Barbara Anderson had singers in every school building belting out songs for A Day of Action. The national day, which people are marking by wearing blue, calls for more funding for public schools; a three-year moratorium on high-stakes decisions based on state tests; and a focus on teaching and learning, not testing.

Students, parents, teachers, staff, PTA, school board, administrators and visitors to Nyack — including NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi and AFT President Randi Weingarten —  joined the Movement in Blue. TA President Donna Ramundo said many people drove long distances “through rain, sleet and snow” to get there, including those from schools that were closed in nearby Orange County. They added their voices to the chorus.  It went like this:

“Data This! Data That!”

(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Reclaim our promise of great schools

in the United States

Testing common core,

will this be our fate?

We’ve had enough of tests,

our students are stressed-out.

We want them all to love to learn!

How did this come about?


Over-testing, over-testing!

Where have we gone wrong?

This is not what school’s about.

Please listen to our song.

Data this, data that.

Then entire it “In-Bloom”

There goes all our privacy!

We hope that this ends soon.

We understand the stakes.

We strive to do our best.

There’s so much to learn,

why teach to the test?

Many things have changed,

as the years go by,

but our kids don’t learn the same.

These tests can make them cry!

OH …

Over testing, over testing …

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