Talk about holiday helping hands


For nearly 38 years, Mary Chesnutt has worked as a paraprofessional helping fifth- and sixth-grade students who require special accommodations on their reading and ELA skills class work. One of her duties is also to monitor the cafeteria when it’s full of chatty, lively students eating lunch at Persell Middle School in Jamestown, where she […]

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A look at libraries


The school library is sort of a “command central” for learning. It’s where librarians recommend books for reluctant readers, and stack the arms of zealous readers with good titles. It’s where students are taught how to do research, how to navigate the web and how to use technology. It’s where teachers and librarians connect, pooling […]

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This bus rolls with goodwill


“Stuff the Bus” started before Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t about eating more than your fill. It was about helping those who don’t have enough to eat. Bus drivers of the Carthage School-Related Professionals local union parked a yellow school bus outside the district bus garage for several weeks. They draped a banner over it that […]

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Brentwood blues run deep


Brentwood schools have taken a beating. Today, members from the unions that represent workers at the schools — Bentwood Teachers Association, CSEA and Teamsters Local 237 — joined together to wear blue clothing. On top of blue shirts, they wore blue stickers. They really, really, really want to be able to reclaim the promise of […]

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Shades of blue tell the story

According to many sources researched for this report, there are infinite numbers of the color blue. The exact hue, of course, depends on what colors are mixed together. You may have heard of steel blue, cornflower blue and powder blue. How about bleu de France? Alice blue? Indigo, sapphire, or maya blue? Sometimes a blue […]

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Neira, Kowal: Parents, educators must be heard

NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira and United University Professions President Fred Kowal made a compelling case for giving parents and educators a stronger voice in pubic education during an interview Monday with radio journalist Susan Arbetter during the National Day of Action. “We’re really asking for our state lawmakers and Regents to listen to the […]

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Pouring out hearts in pouring rain


“It was cold and nasty, but it was an even greater tribute that people came out,” said Patrick Naglieri, president of the 1,200-member Valley Stream Teachers Association, of the Day of Action events held at 14 schools in the Long Island district. “We held a demonstration of concern at every building,” he said. “People were […]

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Day of Action: Nyack puts jingle in Monday morning blues

Video via Pearl River Patch. A clip of “Data This! Data That!” begins at 2:19. In music, there is a genre called “the blues.” Then there’s a genre called Christmas — or holiday — music. In Nyack, they overlapped Monday morning when music teacher and TA Vice President Barbara Anderson had singers in every school […]

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Blues crews readying for Day of Action


Music teachers are writing songs, art teachers are making posters, and educators, students and community members are busting out their true colors to wear for Monday’s national Day of Action. Right now, those true colors are blue.  Teachers, administrators, staff, school health care professionals, retirees, parents and students will be showing up at schools from […]

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Wear BLUE Dec. 9 to reclaim the promise of public education

Dec. 9th is just around the corner, so here’s a friendly reminder: wear blue to show your support for public education. The Dec. 9th National Day of Action is our chance to support the call for better funding for public schools; a stronger focus on teaching and learning, not testing; and a three-year moratorium on […]

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