Long Beach SRPs ‘have only just begun’

School-related professionals deserve to be recognized for the myriad ways they make a difference for students and for communities.

But the Long Beach school board doesn’t seem to get that.

Joanne Rea, vice president of the Long Beach Schools Employees Association, sent us this photo of LBSEA members who came together last week for an informational picket to let the public know they have been working under the terms of an expired agreement for the past four years.

Long Island SRPs

“Not only have we not seen an increase in our salaries for four years, most employees have had their hours cut from 19 1/2 to 17 1/2┬áhours per week,” Rea said.

If that wasn’t bad enough, top administrators have received a total of 8 percent increases over the last four years, and the school board even gave its law firm a 2 percent increase, Rea wrote.

“We have only just begun. We will continue to BE BOLD, BE STRONG, BE COURAGEOUS and above all BE UNITED. We MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVERYDAY in a child’s life,” Rea said. “FOUR YEARS IS JUST TOO LONG!”