Albany teacher highlights the economics of testing in his powerful song

Examples abound of NYSUT members who have drawn on deep wells of creativity to convey how public education is being jeopardized by the state’s overuse of standardized tests – from the video “A Message from Your Child’s Teacher” to the latest creative composition: “Stop This Madness,” a song written by teacher Jeremy Dudley, a member of the Albany Public Schools Teachers Association.

Dudley – a.k.a. “Origin” – hits on wide-ranging concerns, including the oft-voiced belief by parents and teachers that standardized testing has become nothing more than a big business that is about profits for companies like Pearson, rather than what’s best for students. Dudley puts it this way: “If we walk along the money trail, there’s profits to be made when we perceive the schools fail.” (Emphasis added.)

A modest guy, Jeremy is only briefly featured in the eponymous video of his powerful song, but you can see him live at the “One Voice United” rally in Albany Saturday at noon – yet another teacher who talks the talk and walks the walk.

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