Fight Back Friday: Join the anti-testing chorus

We are only three weeks away from an educational travesty. Students in classrooms across New York state are going to sit for hours of tests on a curriculum that hasn’t even been taught yet.

NYSUT started an on-line petition to give people who see the state’s testing obsession as harmful to children, a way to protest. Please note, even if you are not a parent of a child in school, you can voice your opposition.

In case you may have missed it, more than 9,000 teachers have testified to the problems with the state tests, either by writing out their concerns — and here’s a few of those — or by testifying across the state. This started after State Ed didn’t listen when the union brought complaints. Here’s a link you should avoid if you don’t want to read about vomit on tests. Here’s a link you should avoid if you don’t like tears. If you’re a teacher, there’s still time to Tell It Like It Is about the impact of testing.

You can tell the state Education Department and the state Board of Regents  to end their obsession with testing. Sign the petition, and then ask any other family members, friends or neighbors to do the same.

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