Special ed pre-K schools in dire straits

It’s encouraging that lawmakers are getting the message and restoring many of the cuts proposed in the executive budget proposal in their one-house budgets.

That is, except for preschool special education, also known as 4401 programs. Lack of funding has caused the closure of most of the 4410 programs that were run by BOCES across the state. In North Syracuse, there’s also the Main Street Early Education program that is in jeopardy.

These programs are cost efficient and just make good common sense.  For every $1 spent on these students, this report from the Rand Corporation found the returns reached up to $17.

While there are private providers, only public providers like BOCES and Main Street employ educators who are fully certified and licensed, and are in tune with all state requirements. If you missed it, here’s Rosie’s story — one parent’s explanation about how the program helped her daughter.

You can help by sending a message to your lawmaker through NYSUT’s Member Action Center. Please look for the action to Support Special Education Schools and Human Services.

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