Fight Back Friday: You matter

So we have a proposed state budget. If it were approved unchanged, exactly 517 districts would get an increase in state aid and 159 school districts would get a decrease. For most, the increase would not be the 4.4 touted in a lot of press reports. If left unchanged, the average increase would be a 2.77 percent increase in school aid. Here’s a look at the impact on some mid-Hudson schools. Here’s what could happen in the Capital District. Here’s a look at school districts near Unatego. Marcellus schools could have a $1.2 million budget gap.

It’s not just preK-12 schools. Cuts to Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn and Upstate Medical University in Syracuse won’t heal.

Back to elementary and secondary aid, much of the rest of the aid is tied up in competitive grants, just like last year. Well last year, the people convinced state lawmakers to change the proposed formula of competition and put the funds back into general aid. Lawmakers also restored $27.8 million in funding to SUNY’s teaching hospitals last year.

I’m betting that history repeats itself. I’m betting folks will go to NYSUT’s Member Action Center to contact their lawmakers. There’re lots of ways to tell lawmakers to support schools and teaching hospitals and preschool special education and such. After you send messages electronically, how about picking up the phone? Click here if you don’t know your state senator or click here if you don’t know your Assembly member. Call in a message as well. We need lawmakers to support what students and communities need. They did it last year and we hope they will again this year.

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