Fund education like the future depends on it

So Gov. Cuomo releases his executive budget proposal today. An optimist, I’m hoping state aid to schools, colleges and universities is not tied to competitive grants, like last year. I’m also hoping the state allocates the funds to provide the sound, basic education that’s required in our state constitution. We already have that irresponsible property tax cap that makes it much more difficult for communities to pick up the slack when state aid falls short. For K-12 schools, some will wonder if the governor will continue to tie state aid to teacher evaluation deals.

If you’re not too busy doing any of the many jobs needed to make schools, colleges, resource centers, facilities for the disabled, libraries, etc. work across our state, you can watch the budget address live on this link.

Also, here’s the link to the state Division of the Budget. And keep an eye on for the union’s reaction to the budget proposal.

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