Fight Back Friday: Back away from the fiscal cliff

I can understand if you haven’t been paying attention to the fiscal cliff talks. In general, I find them maddening, like this article that has Republicans refusing to let the Bush tax cuts expire on the top 2 percent.

But what’s even more maddening is sequestration, which happens before the fiscal cliff. Here’s a CBS News article that really lays it all out. Remember, this all started with the debt ceiling compromise, more properly known as the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The sequester can be averted either by repealing the portion of the BCA mandating the cuts or by passing $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction which, under the BCA’s dictates, would prevent a sequester from being triggered.

If you really want to get all wonky about this, check out this dissertation. I like it if for nothing more than the title, “A Fiscal Obstacle Course, Not A Cliff.

The main thing is this: The future has not already been decided. We can change this!

Join the call-in day to Washington D.C. today. Call 888-659-9401 to let your representative know that you support a fair approach to deficit reduction.

Go to NYSUT’s Member Action Center to sign the petition against balancing the budget on the backs of children. Or go to the national AFL-CIO’s site for a petition to tell Congress to say no to tax cuts for the top 2 percent and no to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefit cuts. Sign both. Each signature is like a vote. Make sure your vote is cast and your voice is heard.

Here’s a handy chart for you, just so you know what’s at stake in New York.
There are also actions you can take here in New York. There’s an EducateNYnow rally Dec. 5. Here’s a link with constant updates to bus routes. If you can’t make it to Albany, how about sending along a scroll?

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