Elections matter: 4 weeks to go

Happy Tuesday! It’s a beautiful autumn day following a long Columbus Day weekend. Have you decorated your yard or front stoop yet? I had enough corn stalks for my house and two of the neighbors. Yards and yards of pumpkin vine only yielded two pumpkins, so the boys next door agreed to let the 3-year-old across the street have one. The boys are older and much more into ghouls and graveyards than pumpkins anyway. They also like Halloween puns and you’ll see how they’ve rubbed off on me.

The election is only one month away and your candidates don’t stand a ghost of a chance if you can’t vote. The deadline to register in New York state is Oct. 12 — that’s this Friday if you don’t have your NYSUT planning calendar handy. Here’s a handy link for you to check. The site looks into a crystal ball to tell you if you are registered or just plain ghoulish if you are not. It will also tell you where you vote. Of corpse, election law only allows us to urge you to vote on Nov. 6, but you can let your neighbors know witch candidates you favor by decorating your lawns with candidates’ signs.

Don’t make the grave mistake of missing out on Nov. 6.

"Fangs" for voting!

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