Striding toward a world without cancer

I’m on my way to Syracuse (my husband is driving) to cover tomorrow’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Being in the car means: I’m not harvesting tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, broccolis or raspberries. We ate the last wonderful sweet corn earlier this week. Because I will be away for a weekend, I know the chipmunks, […]

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Fight Back Friday: Beat all kinds of cancer (updated)


A month of Making Strides against Breast Cancer walks starts this weekend with walks from Binghamton and Buffalo to Rochester and Waterloo. I’ll be at the Syracuse walk in Clinton Square, where I last worked in 2010, back when this blog was all fresh, shiny and new. So far, the weather looks good, much better than […]

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The reviews are in!

And Won’t Back Down gets a number of Rotten Tomatoes. (At the time this is posted, 13 rotten tomatoes versus 6 fresh.) From The Hollywood Reporter to Edutopia to National Public Radio and Variety, critics are panning the film. The Nation has a particularly scathing review. One might think a Chicago Tribune reviewer might have been swayed […]

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Even if you’re not a Packers fan …

… you should sign this petition. If you care about workers having a say in the workplace, if you care about retirement security, you should sign. Because those are the sticking points in the National Football League referee lockout. When NFL owners couldn’t come to terms with the referees’ union, they stopped them from doing […]

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Elections matter: 6 weeks to go


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” That’s according to George Jean Nathan, although I don’t know when or where. It was probably one of his columns in the New York Journal-American. Much has been written already that this presidential election hinges on voter turnout, such as this article from May. […]

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Don’t Back Down

This Friday a movie opens nationwide about parents seeking to transform their school in Pittsburgh. It’s called “Won’t Back Down.” It negatively depicts teachers and their unions and is being used to push parent-trigger legislation. Here’s a link to one bit of coverage on the New York City premiere. Here’s a parent’s take on the […]

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Fight Back Friday: Long Island rally

Hundreds turned out to support public education at an EducateNYnow rally on Long Island yesterday. Here are just a few pics from some of the attendees. We’ll be getting more so keep checking. Here’s a link to an article Newsday wrote about it. Interesting that we don’t get more details about the personal stories of […]

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Out-of-work teachers: State Ed has a job for you

When I saw this report from the Journal News Monday, I remember thinking the math was not right. I put it on my list of things to check into, because it seemed to me that another way to tell this story was to point out that a large number of teacher evaluation plans had been […]

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Your chance for $5,000 toward paying off student loans

Share My Lesson is a great idea for something educators do naturally. To help spread the word and get more teachers registered, the AFT and TES will enter every registrant to the site into a drawing for either $5,000 toward paying off student loans or a $3,500 gift card if you don’t have student debt. […]

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What is your favorite movie about a teacher?

I’m not normally a betting type other than the fun kind; you know, office pools on when a colleague’s baby will be born and such. But I would certainly bet that the film “Won’t Back Down” would easily win the “least favorite movie about a teacher” poll, if one were devised. Rather than me talking […]

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