A week to appreciate teachers

Set against  months of messaging that schools are failing, (despite much evidence that New York schools fare very well against those in other states) comes five days to appreciate teachers.

Here’s an interesting blog post about Teacher Appreciation Week that gives a little bit on the history and how the effort began with a little bit about what current teaching profession faces.

Here’s an excerpt from author Emma McDonald about thanking teachers:

Don’t wait until teacher appreciation week to say “thank you.” We should be thanking teachers throughout the year for the job they do. If you see a card in the grocery store or a little token you think would be perfect for your child’s teacher, don’t wait until Christmas or the end of the school year; go ahead and give it to them right away. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and will go a long way to helping that educator stay excited and energized about teaching.

So how do you wish people would celebrate teachers this week? Comment on the blog, email me at bsandber@nysutmail.org or call (800) 342-9810, x 6283.

There are companies out there, that, of course, want you to buy their products. It does seem that we are hard-wired into showing our appreciation through gifts or at the very least a card (Blame Hallmark for those effective television commercials.)

Staples-owned SmileMakers is one of them. Here’s a reminder that by using the special code — NYSUT — when placing an order at any time of the year, New York educators receive 20 percent off (no minimum order required) and free shipping with any order of $25 or more.  If you order during Teacher Appreciation Week, you’ll get a “Cat in the Hat” motivational sticker dispenser free. Here’s an easy link to Smilemakers’ website.

On Twitter, check out the number of posts, or tweet your own, using the hashtag #thankateacher.


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