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Congratulations to Martin Messner, president of the Schoharie Teachers Association, and Joe Satriano, a retiree of the Roslyn Teachers Association, for being named 2012 Everyday Heroes by the American Federation of Teachers. By clicking on that link you can read their stories, and also the stories of four others who won from locals across America.

This is such good news because it again allows us to shine the light and celebrate what our everyday members do on the job and in their communities. We’ve got to keep getting the real story out there, that New Yorkers may spend a lot on their schools and they get a lot out of them. The Schoharie TA did an awesome job telling that story in a video they released earlier this year. NYSUT’s ad, running now, echoes the successes of our schools. These try to counter the constant drumbeat from those who profit by portraying schools as failing or in dramatic need for reform. Remember New York was one of only two states in the nation to have increased graduation rates by double digits between 2002 and 2009. (You can read the report by clicking here.) Considering that achievement happened even with the state’s more rigorous standards and graduation requirement, it deserves to be acknowledged and applauded.

As to Joe Satriano, you may recall this story about what he’s done to benefit students who have a parent suffering from cancer.

Joe and Martin are dedicated educators who believe in their students and do so much more. We meet members like them every day in every school in every district. Echoing the ending line from the Schoharie video: Public education, it works.


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