Good news coming out of Schoharie

The deadline to apply for insulation to be installed in Schoharie Valley homes and businesses is Sept. 28. That’s tomorrow.

So far, Martin Messner has received 60 applications. They have enough funds to do 15 more. That’s the first bit of good news.

“Everyone has been just great with their response. We are so thankful for all the donations, all the support for this project. This is the biggest thing we have ever done and sometimes it’s overwhelming to be in the middle of it.”

The second bit of good news is that thanks to those donations, they want to make sure they reach all NYSUT members in the Schoharie area that have been impacted by floods.

So then Martin pauses.

“I’m concerned that some NYSUT members don’t know about this,” Messner said, noting that the application (on the Schoharie school district website) says homes must be in the Schoharie school district. “How else can we get the word out to all NYSUT members?”

So folks, here’s how you can help. If you know of someone in Cobleskill, Richmondville, Middleburgh or surrounding areas who need insulation, tell them they have to fill out the application. They have to get it to Martin Messner by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Click here to link to the application. Any other questions, email me at or call me at 800 342-9810 ext. 6283.

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  1. Betsy Marshall September 27, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    This is what being a union of teachers is all about! No one knows what we do every day, and how much we care, better than we do.

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