Oh what a gap there is

Last night on one television channell I watched parts of the GOP presidential debate. On another channel I watched the Your Help Counts telethon to benefit the American Red Cross.

On one channel I heard a candidate to be president of our country say taxes are too high on millionaires, billionaires and corporations and that poor people need to start paying income taxes !!!  while on the other channel I see excellent reporting about how family farms, those who work to literally feed us, are washed out. Their crops are gone. Their machinery ruined. Homes are  being gutted. Those are Schoharie TA members gutting a house in the picture Martin Messner sent us.

I get so mad when I hear another presidential candidate say we need to stop food stamp and affordable housing programs for the poor and another one say minimum wage is ruining this country that I change back. While it makes me feel good to hear that over $325,000 was raised in just nine hours to benefit the American Red Cross, next the weather comes on and flood watches and warnings are back on.

Is not anybody else out there worried about the economy that is dividing us? Why in New York state tax does a family making just over $40,000 a year pays the same personal income tax rate as a family making $400,000, or even $4 million?

A recent Siena poll says 72 percent of New Yorkers think the higher tax rate should be extended on those making more than $250,000 a year. That’s more New Yorkers than supported marriage equality. Why aren’t our lawmakers listening to 72 percent of us?

I just hope those 72 percent are registered to vote.


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