Pics, pics, everywhere a pic

The first day back at the office after the convention means … more convention.

Even though the rally Flickr site had a whopping 23,579 visits on Sunday and 16,195 by 5 p.m. Monday, more photos will still go up. Keep them coming because we love to share what you send us.

And be aware, we keep adding. For example, Michele Bushey of the Saranac Lake sent in a few pics. Here’s one that includes Sterling Roberson from the UFT at far left, and then Peru Association of Teachers members flanking Bushey who is holding the sign in her right hand.

“I was thrilled with all of the tour buses,” Bushey said. She said the reaction from the buses was uplifting. “Citizens waved with smiles, shouted ‘We support you’ and gave us thumbs up.”

Of course, the rally’s youngest participant will be added to the set as well.

You can link to our Flickr site on your websites so that your members can view the images.

But if you want more than a link, how do you get photos from us?

If you are not on deadline, and it’s just that you want that picture of you getting that Community Service award, or something that can wait, please hold off at least a week. It’s a boatload of stuff to process. Just putting the photos into our digital archive system can take days. We thank you in advance.

IF YOU SEE THEM on our Flickr site and if you need them quickly for a newsletter or some other publication, then e-mail with specifically what you need. (I need the name or number of the photo you want, the name of the set it is in, your deadline and at what resolution you want the image.)

If you don’t see them on Flickr, but you know it was taken, e-mail me the day and time of day your picture was taken and why. (Was it because you were making a sign Friday night for the We are One rally, or when you were at the Political Action Center sending a fax to your lawmaker during the break Friday.)

Speaking of boatloads, how about trainloads? We also just got in pics from the Solidarity Express. That’s the train the Long Island Rail Road created just for NYSUT folks.

Here’s a slideshow to some of those photos. It’s almost 7 p.m. and those photos are taking forever to process, so I will just leave Mac running all night. (I’ll show him who’s boss. He’s been slow for me all day.)

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