Rally wow!

Amazing photos from today going up as fast as tech will allow.

Do check out this Times-Union article if for no other reason than a great photo of one NYSUT President. (It’s one of three photos so if it doesn’t come up right away click on NEXT to the top right of the photo.)

Meanwhile, still not caught up with rally photos from last week — EEK! Please check the galleries and if you don’t see at least SOME of the photos you sent me, shoot me another e-mail. The requests for copies of photos from last week also are mounting. I will get back to you, it just might take more than a day.

Seemingly lost in all this are the 40-hour Fast and the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

The 40-hour Fast is a statewide event for the past 16 years. It starts Wednesday. This year’s focus is the centennial of the New York City factory fire that killed 146 workers, mostly women. They died because they were at work in an unsafe building. They were at work, yet none of them had the right to vote.

Anne Kelly works for the Labor-Religion Coalition. Thanks Anne  for providing this link to a demonstration in Bangladesh. That’s right, Bangladeshi workers demonstrated on behalf of workers “in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere who have taken to the streets and Capitols.”

Rallies, wow!

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