Our Pete on the street Part 2

If you haven’t met Pete Ludden, know that he’s a good listener and great  negotiator and huge labor historian and activist. During some down time he reports going to a store and talking with a young woman for 10 minutes about what was happening. A former teacher, he explained why what Walker proposes is such a problem.

“I encouraged her to go inside, see the people living there for the past 10 days to protect their rights to have a voice at work. She said she would and that is among the things making this trip worthwhile,” he says.

NYSUT on the steps of Wisconsin's Capitol building

Another rally started at 5 p.m. Pete reports thousands are inside the Capitol. Gov. Scott Walker is addressing the state. It is being displayed on a big screen. People are chanting “Kill the bill.”

Pete sent me pics of Bob Ringwood, another Labor Relations Specialist, holding the NYSUT sign on the steps of the Capitol. I’m having difficulty posting photos from home so I’ll get those up tomorrow.

The weather is in the teens, but it’s gotten pretty warm there. Gov. Walker has promised to layoff thousands of Wisconsin’s workers.

Thanks to the tip to this site. Sell off the state’s power plants without bids? How can that be good?

The only good thing is enough time has gone by to allow for this kind of research into this Budget Repair Bill really holds.

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