Keep those resolutions coming!

Just heard from Andy Pallotta. Earlier this month he completed his first year as NYSUT’s Executive Vice President. He guides the union’s political and legislative efforts.

“I’ve heard the most common resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight and eat more nutritious meals. I learned in my first year that my  work with NYSUT means constant travel away from home and routines I used to have. I resolve to find time this year to exercise and eat more nutritious meals.

As the father of a 16-year-old, I resolve to hide the car keys! Once that stops working, I will encourage my wife to give the driving lessons and I will try to not be a backseat driver.

As NYSUT’s executive vice president, I resolve to get more of our members involved and engaged in the political process and to increase contributors to our voluntary political action fund, VOTE-COPE. This will be a huge task, because lawmakers tell me that “relentless” is already our middle name. Our members are relentless when it comes to standing up for students’ needs, for Medicaid, for higher education, for Social Security, for early childhood programs. They come to Albany to advocate through our union-based lobby days. They visit their lawmakers in their home districts. They send faxes or write letters to lawmakers.
If there’s a way we can be more relentless, I pledge to find it.”

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  1. Dan Bahr December 28, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    How about acknowledging that our members are relentless in the protection of their colleagues’ rights under the collective bargaining agreements and the law?

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