Celebrating School Related Professionals

Did you know that today is SRP recognition day? Here’s a shout-out for all the School-Related Professionals who make being in school safer, healthier, cleaner, more efficient, more nutritious and more educational, too.

Just listen to these examples for a peek inside the world of SRPs.

Saranac Lake Teachers Association

Saranac Lake Teachers Association, located in the North Country, has 38 teaching assistants in the unit who can be found working in the library, in reading groups, and with multiply handicapped students, says local president Melisa DeVit.

Take a look at a few of them:

“Darlene Peer is a TA in our high school 12:1 class. She meets her student every morning at the bus, works on basic life skills, and she and her student deliver the local paper to our staff,” says DeVitt. “Phyliss Ellsworth Drury is the only teaching assistant at one of our small elementary schools. Her duties include meeting students at the bus, serving breakfast/lunch and teaching reading groups.

“Our school could not run without SRPs!” says DeVit.

Valley Cottage Elementary School

When SRP Heather Patrone answered the phone at the library at Valley Cottage Elementary School, there was quite a ruckus in the background. The noise was from a boisterous group of students in the K-5 school of 484. Heather asked if she could call back after checking out books for the class of student eager to hit the stacks. This fun game is useful and instructive.

And here’s what she does the rest of the day: tracks overdue books, keeps class lists for teachers on books that are out, tracks AV equipment, reshelves books, sets up computers to make sure they’re on task for when librarian Carolyn Travers is teaching a class, sets up displays, writes purchase orders and more. “Every day is different,” said Patrone, a member of the Nyack Association of Education Secretaries.

Since today is SRP day, the day started out a little different. “The teachers had a nice breakfast for us. TA’s and secretarial staff got to come in and have breakfast and teachers took over their positions so they could have breakfast. We had muffins, bagels, yogurt, juice and coffee. And cookies, but that’s not really breakfast.”

Well, the jury’s still out on that one. Happy SRP day to all of NYSUT’s SRP’s!!

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