“Skies of blue: Sea of pink”

Congressman Paul Tonko described the scene at Washington Park Sunday that way.

I tried to blog, but no Internet connection at my house when I got home. Seems our computer has a virus! Ugh!

So here’s the highlights from yesterday. A beautiful, GORGEOUS day. A tad chilly at 9 a.m. when Jen Deso, Mary Ellen Quinn and Shannon Stuto

From left, Jen, Mary Ellen and Shannon. That's Alex Stuto peaking into photo behind her mom

started blowing up pink and blue balloons, but by 10 a.m. when registration started the sun was glaring full blast.

Photographers have an issue with the sun. It makes people squint. Or they wear baseball caps. I don’t blame them, especially when they have those oh-so-cute pink NYSUT caps.

Or large groups stand part in sun, part in shade.

Mohonasen TA members and students came in force. They raised almost $7,000. Schalmont TA is a neighboring local in Schenectady county and they raised $3,787. An e-mail from Donna Ramundo tells me the Nyack TA raised $1,008.

Look for a more complete story later this week at www.nysut.org and of course the next issue of NYSUT United. Gotta run now, but keep sending me photos of your local at Strides. I’ll get as many up on the Flickr site as I can.


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