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Maria Portalatin at the podium. Photo by Steve Jacobs.

So, as expected, Maria Portalatin delivered a rousing speech. Depending on a wheelchair to get around, and with what she affectionately calls her “pipe” of oxygen, she still projects enough energy to get people off their butts. (In addition to the standing ovation, she stirred people up to get involved for this fall’s elections.) I remember taking a pic of her at the 2004 conference when she was telling people why they needed to not just vote, but to work for candidates. It’s one of my favorite pictures, maybe somebody at Headquarters can dig it up for me??

EDITOR’S NOTE: Consider it done. – BT

The Way-Back Machine: Maria Portalatin at the 2004 SRP Leadership Conference.

She didn’t tell the Al story, so I will later. But right now the SRP Director’s At Large Forum has already started. It’s a great Q and A session. Gotta go!

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