May 21 matters: Two weeks to go

Fourteen days from now, voters across the state will decide on school budgets that, in all likelihood, increase class sizes, cut programs and close schools so districts can stay within the tax cap. Here’s the link to NYSUT’s report on this. Here’s a link to a Gannett news article that talks about how municipalities also […]

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Elections matter: Get out and vote

A lot is at stake in this election. If you care about: womens’ rights, click on this link. workers’ rights, click on this link or on this one. the environment, click on this link. Still undecided? I think of my mother. She would wag her finger at me and say: “You’re known by the company […]

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Elections matter: Stormy weather

Greetings from Cleveland! I’m in this battleground state to help my brothers and sisters in Ohio labor unions get out the vote. My 9:30 a.m. flight landed a half-hour early due to winds going the opposite way they usually blow thanks to Sandy. My heart is back in New York watching the impact of Superstorm […]

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Fight Back Friday: Your rights are on the line

As we get closer to choosing our president for the next four years, perhaps the worst thing I hear is that someone is not going to vote. The most depressing are those who tell me they’re not voting because they don’t think it will make a difference. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s an […]

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Elections matter: 3 weeks to go

While we don’t get to see too much presidential campaign advertising in this state, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ads. Here’s a link to a Syracuse Post-Standard article about how expensive the central New York congressional race has become. One thing I find interesting is that one candidate seems to be getting more money from […]

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Elections matter: 4 weeks to go


Happy Tuesday! It’s a beautiful autumn day following a long Columbus Day weekend. Have you decorated your yard or front stoop yet? I had enough corn stalks for my house and two of the neighbors. Yards and yards of pumpkin vine only yielded two pumpkins, so the boys next door agreed to let the 3-year-old […]

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Fight Back Friday: Fact check


So I’m back on my Dragnet theme. Lots of claims being thrown around. There are people whose jobs are to check claims. Some are partisan, favoring President Obama or favoring Gov. Romney. Here’s one that compiles them all. This one is balanced, but does editorialize, like when it calls Romney a serial exaggerator.

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Elections matter: 5 weeks to go


More creative people than I came up with this message. You can print it out to display by clicking (or double-clicking) on this electionsmatter document. If that doesn’t work on your computer, just contact me at and I’ll email it to you. You have until Oct. 12 to register to vote in New York […]

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Elections matter: 6 weeks to go


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” That’s according to George Jean Nathan, although I don’t know when or where. It was probably one of his columns in the New York Journal-American. Much has been written already that this presidential election hinges on voter turnout, such as this article from May. […]

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Getting the attention of young women at college, work

So much is at stake for women in this election that many organizations have geared up to get women out to vote. One of them is the Coalition for Labor Union Women, which has teamed up with a campaign started by the American Association of University Women Action Fund, called “It’s My Vote: I Will Be […]

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