NY Times agrees with NYSUT: End testing obsession

A recent New York Times editorial headlined “The Trouble with Testing Mania” struck all the right chords in its dissection of this nation’s overemphasis on standardized testing and the misuse of the test results to, in effect, punish both students and their teachers. It is a message on which NYSUT has been a vocal leader, joined […]

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Rochester area teachers talk about test stress and flawed state policies

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi, center, with Rochester TA President Adam Urbanski and NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira at the Rochester "Tell It" forum.

Teachers from the Rochester region shared the realities of today’s classrooms, where student attendance is faltering in reaction to test stress; where each new state directive seems to underscore a lack of trust in educators; and where examples abound of the state’s rocky implementation of Common Core standards. A NYSUT “Tell It Like It is” […]

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School boards agree: Put the brakes on high-stakes testing (Updated 2x)


School boards across the state are passing resolutions asking the State Education Department to ease its reliance on standardized test scores in making decisions ranging from student placement to school accountability status to teacher evaluations. The West Irondequoit school board in Monroe County went a step further. Click here for the full letter signed by the […]

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Parent perspective: It’s just a test – even in Illinois


As we’ve heard from AFT President Randi Weingarten, the implementation of the Common Core Standards and the use of high-stakes tests to make high-stakes decisions about students and teachers isn’t only a problem in New York but across the country. Kelly Wickham, a school administrator and parent from Springfield, Ill., offers her perspective. If you’re […]

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What’s next? Cafeteria quizzes?

What if students had to pass a quiz if they want to have lunch? Canandaigua students in Ontario County think that the testing situation in New York has almost become that crazy. So they created a scenario where they’re banished from the lunch line if they can’t correctly guess the meal for the day. And they […]

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Parent perspective: Notes from the testing cusp


As the mother of two children and the wife of a NYSUT member, blogger Alana Reynolds has some thoughts about testing. For more on the state’s obsession with testing and to take action, visit testing.nysut.org. My oldest kid is in second grade and, as the school year winds down, we’ve started talking about next year.  Recently, […]

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Testing woes

So testing continues today. My local newspaper, the Daily Gazette in Schenectady, reported the Capital Region did not experience any attendance issues — as some had predicted — with the English Language Arts testing yesterday. Amid the test-stress anxiety, some parents did instruct their children not to take the tests. The Albany Times Union reported a […]

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Student perspective: I’m more than a test score


Editor’s note: We have the permission of the parents and the sixth-grader to reprint this letter that was sent to State Education Commissioner John King. For more on the state’s obsession with testing and to take action, visit www.nysut.org/testing. April 8, 2013 Dear Commissioner King: I am Anna Dumas, a sixth-grade student. If you came […]

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Parent perspective: Testing can break spirits


Amanda Magee, of Queensbury in Warren County, is the mother of three daughters who — like the vast majority of New York parents — is concerned about the state’s heavy reliance on testing and its impact on children. She writes a blog called “The Wink” but she wrote this for us. Take a stand against […]

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North Country educators describe testing’s effects on students


North Country educators had tears in their eyes as they told stories about distraught children overwhelmed by the state’s growing obsession with standardized testing. “By the 35th day of school, I gave 40 tests to first-graders,” said Robin Jones, co-president of Elizabethtown TA. “I’m sick of it and I know the kids are sick of it.”

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