May 15 matters: Get the facts out


It’s less than one week before most school districts submit their annual budgets to voters. On six pages, the Monroe County Education Coalition explains why quality education is an investment worth making. You can link to that presentation here. That presentation also answers the question: If you have the time and energy to do one […]

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Fight Back Friday: May 15 matters


We are now 11 days until most school districts submit their 2012-13 budgets to voters. The mainstream media is finally putting out more information about the real impact of the tax cap. Here’s one article about what the cap will do to a number of districts south of Kingston and north of Manhattan. Here’s a […]

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May 15 matters: ‘Do me a favor’ (updated)

“Do me a favor” is actually the phrase a number of locals use when they send postcards to their members asking for help on campaigns. We are now three weeks away from when most voters across the state vote on local school budgets. (Remember the largest cities do not submit school budgets to residents.) And […]

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Taxing Tuesday

The school budget vote is now five weeks away. For all those districts struggling to show their voters the impact of what is being cut from schools to stay under a tax levy spending cap, here’s a strategy from Bethlehem schools in the Capital District. Click on this link and you will go to a […]

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Taxing Tuesday: a day early

It’s six weeks until most districts’ budget plans are put before for voters for consideration. I’ve submitted this week’s “Taxing Tuesday” a day early because tomorrow I’m on the road to Elmira city schools, where the small city district is considering deeper cuts to programs than last year. Yes, deeper cuts than last year, so […]

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Taxing Tuesday: May 15 matters

Unions across the state are telling us about the budget cuts their districts are facing. Hearing about cuts makes me think of cards. Hearing about just the three cases I dealt with yesterday makes me realize these schools have a cold deck. (For the non-card players, that means the cards are specifically rigged against them. […]

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Stop anonymous attacks on school budgets

Earlier this month, Albany city taxpayers started getting large postcards telling people to vote no on the city school budget. Then came phone calls. No one knew who was behind it until the Albany Times-Union found out who funded the postcards. It was linked to the Brighter Choice Foundation and here’s some observations about that. […]

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If rainy days and Mondays get you down

Does a rainy Monday bring you up? I hope so, because the union needs everybody today. Tomorrow are school budget votes for all but the Big 5. NYSUT has radio ads on the air reminding voters to support what kids need. Click here to hear it or copy the link to send to those in […]

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