300 protest tax cap on Long Island

On a Friday afternoon no less! Check out these pictures sent to us by members and parents. Long Island activist Ron Smith tells me how the event to picket Assemblyman Robert Sweeny’s office grew. “We need to let lawmakers who are supporting this tax cap know how we feel.” Tomorrow the Alliance for Quality Education, […]

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Reality tour lands in Bethlehem (updated)

Here’s a link to news coverage (and more here and more here) of yesterday’s event in the Bethlehem schools protesting the budget cuts and a proposed tax cap. Above are Andrew Watson’s photos from the event. Here’s what AQE posted about the event. Click on the video to see and hear a chemistry teacher’s formula about […]

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An auditorium full of pain, sacrifice

If you’ve seen “Les Miserables” and remember when Marius sings of the heart-wrenching loss of his friends in “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” then you know what it’s like to be standing in the auditorium at Bethlehem High School right now. It’s 3 p.m. and members of the Bethlehem Central TA won’t let anyone who […]

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Getting the word out

Two events today will continue to get the word out about how this state budget is hurting schools and students, AND that a tax cap will make it worse. New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness hold a press conference at 11 a.m. at the state Capitol. Lots of facts and figures will be presented. The Albany […]

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No cap on how bad tax caps hurt students futures.

Here’s a link to a great write-up about NYSUT’s efforts to fight the tax cap. Thanks NEA! One thing they left out. It’s really a 0 percent cap for those districts that don’t pass a budget. Here’s a link to a Southern Tier report about budgets that would have failed if a tax cap were […]

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One example of going above and beyond

If anybody knows examples of union members going beyond the call of duty, it’s the treasurer. Jon Hickey serves as treasurer for the Rochester Teachers Association, which has had its hands full with a former Superintendent and now with proposed layoffs of nearly 700 district employees, more than 400 of them teachers. With a lot […]

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Much to do Tuesday

Many of you didn’t get to leave a message over the holiday weekend. Phone lines are open again. Please call the state AFL-CIO hotline at  1 (877) 255-9417. You will get to choose to speak with your Senator, Assembly member or Governor Cuomo’s office. Do all three. Tell them to vote NO on the most […]

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PHOTOS: Reality tour lands in Oneonta

The Alliance for Quality Education’s “Students First: Reality Tour” stopped in Oneonta this evening with NYSUT members, parents, students and community activists sharing stories about the impact of cuts to state education funding.

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Going backwards on pre-K

Here’s more video about how cuts to programs, like pre-kindergarten, are expected to hurt students. Brought to you by Students First: The Reality Tour

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More reports on impact of state budget cuts

Students First: The reality tour continues to draw coverage. In addition to what was posted last night, Here’s a link to report of what happened in the North Country. Here’s a link to an NPR report. Here’s an independent statewide news report. Here’s a link to report that ties together the reality tour with the […]

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