Pics, pics, everywhere a pic


The first day back at the office after the convention means … more convention. Even though the rally Flickr site had a whopping 23,579 visits on Sunday and 16,195 by 5 p.m. Monday, more photos will still go up. Keep them coming because we love to share what you send us. And be aware, we […]

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Were you seen?

Good morning! Still catching up on sleep after all that activity and enthusiasm of the 39th annual convention. (So is my computer, it’s so slow this morning. I think it missed me, or it’s angry that I used a rented computer at the Hilton.) We will continue to post photos on our Flickr site. Here’s […]

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New York City in the rearview mirror


So long Gotham! I, and about half of the communications staff, are on a bus bound back to Albany. The rest are still working! Folks on the bus are all talking about the rally. Everyone has a story. Mary Fran is posting away the stories she collected and Liza has a great story up already. […]

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Workers’ rights (get your video here)

It’s the video everybody wants. It combines video from Wisconsin with some of the rallies here in New York. The music is Steve Earle’s “The Revolution Starts Now.”

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Day of action


Good morning from New York City! Meetings mark the start and end today. And it’s this morning where delegates chart the course of the union for the next year in the resolutions and committee meetings. No kidding. Local unions elect delegates to come to this annual convention and it’s here where they all decide what […]

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Badges of honor


As Ellen Schuler Mauk’s delegate badge makes clear, these credentials can read like road maps of union activism. Her badge indicates her role as a NYSUT Board member as well as president of the Faculty Association of Suffolk Community College.

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Behind the black curtain


Have you ever wondered what’s behind the black curtain at the RA? The discreet drapery covers the command center for the lights, camera and action that amplify speakers for the vast audience.

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This is what democracy looks like

The Representative Assembly is democracy in action. Here’s just a few of the photos taken Thursday.

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The other side of the camera


Veterans to the RA have seen Jack Miller for years. Wish him luck when you see him, he needs it. He was in a car accident Wednesday morning that totaled the vehicle but left him with just bruises, thank goodness. We’re also lucky to have Mike Campbell with us for another year. Mike shoots regularly […]

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Got extra pins?


Jason Carter of the Wayne TA has this great use for union pins: Turn them into cufflinks. “Just make sure you get two of them,” he said.

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