The call of the wild at the Capitol


It was rowdy. Nurses from PEF, NYSUT and CWA whooped it up in the convention center in support of legislation for improved conditions for patients and health care workers at a rally moved to the Empire State Plaza Convention Center because of continuous rain Tuesday. They slammed together the clappers provided by PEF, making enough […]

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If it’s raining Tuesday in Albany…

…then the nurses rally will be at the convention center at the Empire State Plaza. There’s a good chance of thunderstorms and health care professionals know the importance, for their health and yours, of staying safe and dry. Whether at the convention center (and click here to get directions if you can join us) or […]

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Fight Back Friday: privacy, ratios, caps & more

Hundreds of NYSUT members will lobby their lawmakers Tuesday. At 11:30 a.m., many of them will join a nurses effort to call for safe staffing and a safe patient handling task force. You can help support their efforts by joining them for a rally at the Capitol in Albany. But the advocacy will go beyond […]

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Is there a lesson to be learned?


It’s late Wednesday night and state lawmakers are passing a number of bills, including pension reform. Details are coming out in dribs and drabs. While most of this legislation impacts the state budget, the actual state budget is still out there, awaiting passage. For a personal perspective on what state budget cuts mean, meet Casey […]

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Students lobby for their schools

Above are the videos and photos  from today’s Education Lobby Day sponsored by the Alliance for Quality Education. Here’s one link to coverage. Here’s another, which puts high up how a group of Watkins Glens students raised $800 to make the trip.  Compare that to this report, where the New York City mayor notes he had […]

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Tier 6 is no fix

Pension reform is in the news. Here’s one link about lobbying going on in the Capitol today. That link also includes video of one of the TV ads now airing. Here’s a link to a Daily News article about concerns of Tier 6. Take a look at who is pushing pension reform. The biggest name […]

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What kind of game is this? (Updated with links)

Speaker after speaker at the Rural and Small City Advocacy Day decried the idea of turning school aid into competitive grants that pit school against school in a bizarre contest. Here’s one link from Gannet Newspapers and a brief from North Country Now. Here’s another from Your News Now. Here’s a Fox News report. A […]

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So #educateme


Dr. John Sipple of the state Center for Rural Schools and a Cornell University professor was the keynote speaker at today’s Small City and Rural Schools Advocacy Day in Albany. He laid out, with charts and figures, the dire straits of the high-need districts across the state. You can find a lot of those charts and […]

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‘Congratulations’ ad hits airwaves

The pro-public education ad created by the Schoharie Teachers Association, and funded by locals across the state, has hit the airwaves. Here’s a link to an Albany Times Union article about the ad. One thing wrong in the article is it makes it sound like it’s the first time local unions have produced commercials on […]

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Rally time

Full disclosure, only one of these is a true “rally.” Nearly 900 people will be at the Hart Theatre at the Egg in downtown Albany for the small cities and rural areas lobbying effort Wednesday. NYSUT officers Andy Pallotta and Kathleen Donahue are among the dozens who will speak. I will be tweeting it live […]

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