Hershey melts (a little bit)

Above is the slideshow of just a few of the thousands of Valentine’s Day cards students across the state have created for Hershey One students wrote: “I write you this letter to tell you to have a heart. What I mean by that is to stop child labor. Your company is the only company that [...]

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Kenmore students have fair trade hearts

Here’s a video of Kenmore 6th-graders students talking about how they felt as they learned about the connection between child labor and chocolate. That video is the result of months of work and lots of details. Joi Chimera, a Kenmore TA member, provides some highlights. Start with brainstorming and class discussions about this topic. In [...]

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Homer students making a difference


Here’s a few of the 5th grade social studies students at Homer Intermediate School who participated in a campaign to raise awareness about Fair Trade Chocolate, this Halloween. They read about the subject, watched a movie called The Dark Side of Chocolate, and participated in a letter writing campaign to persuade major chocolate companies to [...]

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Out of the minds, hands, of students


Here are just two of  several posters created by sixth grade students of NYSUT and Kenmore TA member Joi Chimera.  I will get names of the student artists and add, but for now, I just had to share.  I just love how young kids can boil down a complex issue. Kids belong in a classroom, [...]

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Give them something good to eat


This Halloween, Don’t Be Tricked by Halloween Treats … Take Halloween back from the gruesome grips of exploitive child labor by choosing Fair Trade! I just bought the candy I’ll give out from the Labor-Religion Coalition. Anne Kelly is doing the same thing and showed me some of the cartoons she’s handing out too. You [...]

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The dark side of chocolate

Okay, before you put another piece of chocolate in your mouth, you’ve got to see www.thedarksideofchocolate.org Before you buy a bag of candy to give out for Halloween, you’ve got to know that many major brands of chocolate candymakers, KNOW that child and forced labor is a problem in their supply chains. Children are forced to [...]

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