Now they want Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid too!

Reports yesterday and this morning say President Barack Obama is willing to cut Social Security and Medicare, anything and everything to get the Republicans to agree to not let the U.S. default on its debts (raise the debt ceiling.) Here’s a link to the Wall Street Journal article that goes into great detail about the plan. […]

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Imagine there were no state parks this weekend

Go to Minnesota and it is not your imagination. It’s reality. Here’s a link to a live blog about the situation that will be updated as I’m not sure what kind of Internet service I will have throughout the holiday weekend. You know what it comes down to? A small tax increase on .3 percent of […]

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Much to do Tuesday

We won’t get the “runs” until Wednesday. That’s the district-by-district breakdowns of how much state aid schools get. As reported, the exact amounts are still being negotiated. Call or fax your lawmaker, again if you’ve done it already, to tell them why schools need more funding. Tell them what’s at stake in your district. Check […]

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You sure do your homework

Stop trying to call the governor’s office-for now. As of Saturday morning the mailbox is full! Start trying again at 8:30 a.m. Monday. In the meantime you can use NYSUT’s fax line through anytime. Tonight is Earth Hour. Turn off non-essential lights at 8:30. Over 128 countries and 4,500 localities pledged to participate this […]

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Rally wow!

Amazing photos from today going up as fast as tech will allow. Do check out this Times-Union article if for no other reason than a great photo of one NYSUT President. (It’s one of three photos so if it doesn’t come up right away click on NEXT to the top right of the photo.) Meanwhile, […]

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Rochester checks in

I got a text from Tom Gillett. More than 700 in downtown Roch-cha-cha. I can’t find much coverage in the Rochester-area papers. Here’s a link to some video. And here’s a link to Tom’s fantastic photos.

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Binghamton rally redux

I was just accused of forgetting Binghamton. No way! What happened is the rally in Binghamton was included with “Rally stops traffic in Syracuse” post. Binghamton deserves its own post so check out the Flickr gallery. and do watch the news coverage while it’s up and also here’s some video captured by NYSUT’s Heather Barmore.

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A potpourri


I can’t think of a better headline. I don’t know anyone who is NOT struggling with workload right now. That means my friends who teach kids, provide physical therapy or work as engineers for state agencies or private companies, everyone seems overloaded. (The absolute busiest woman I know has no paying job, but I vote […]

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Don’t Erase Our Progress


Students, parents, community members and educators rally across the state this week. Fill these rallies with people telling our lawmakers it is wrong to take money from classrooms to finance a tax cut for millionaires. Here’s the list On Tuesday Albany: Rally for Higher Education starting at 10 a.m. at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 85 […]

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These businesses support education

The Business and Labor Coalition of New York has recommitted itself to supporting the maintenance of a tax on wealthy New Yorkers in order to bring more than $1 billion in revenue into New York state in 2011 and an additional $5 Billion in 2012. Keeping the tax on higher earners is part of the solution to help balance […]

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