Two great new websites

Today NYSUT launches a website that focuses on the good work its members do everyday — on the job and in their communities. “It’s What We Do” profiles NYSUT members and offers viewers the opportunity to blog; NYSUT members can tell a first-person story or the general public can discuss their experiences with their local […]

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Busy news day (my last as photo editor)

Today, the New York City Mayor reveals whether he will sacrifice close to 5,000 teachers. There were many protests last night and thousands turned out to protest the cuts in advance. Here’s the UFT link. The state Association of Counties weighs in that a 2 percent cap is “disingenuous by the state. Meanwhile, there’s still […]

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If you got a layoff notice

could you send me your picture? I know being laid off is not something anyone wants to be known for. But statements such as this one in February that school districts can absorb the $1.2 billion in cuts and that there should not be any layoffs keep cropping up. Any groups of the laid-off? Let […]

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Kudos for Corning

The charitable foundation of Corning Inc. will donate $4.2 million to the Corning-Painted Post school district to help close their budget gap for the next school year. This is fantastic news, thanks Michelle Mong for sending it, and you can read more about it here. Even with the gift, the district still has to cut 10 […]

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Not just any other manic Monday

All we will hear on the news today is about how it’s the last day to file personal income taxes. To me this is another chance to talk about the tax problem in this country, and how the fiscal problems are because of years of changing policies that take money away from working families and […]

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Let us know about cuts, sacrifices in your district

School districts that must get voter approval for their budgets are now completing them and your hometown news should be reporting on them. We are trying to keep track of the sacrifices district employees are making as well as the layoffs impacting schools statewide. If your union has agreed to delaying raises or increasing contributions […]

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Middle-of-the-week blues

It’s rainy and cold here in Latham. I dropped off my car to have the snow tires switched out and noticed that the labor rate is $90 an hour. Of course I think, gee that’s got to be more than a teacher makes. So when I get to a computer I google it and find […]

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Beekmantown students protest budget cuts

Budget cuts are killing students’ dreams, says Beekmantown sophomore Sarah Thompson. The Press-Republican covered a sit-in at the high school yesterday and that was the lead. Here’s the whole story. Tonight is a public forum to discuss the proposed budget.

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Pain in the North Country

Ditto, ditto, ditto to Frank Maurizio’s post “Documenting the pain.” Here’s a link to the Watertown Daily Times article that outlines cuts to 17 school districts in St. Lawrence county. The Press-Republican has this report about what’s going on in Beekmantown schools. Folks, help us out. Send us the links to articles in your hometown […]

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Bring marshmallows? (with Colbert video)

All the talk is about a possible campout at the Capitol. Of course I’m loving the references to a “Wisconsin-style” protest. We’re all ripping through work on our desks to make it so we can go. We hope to bring you live reports (technology permitting sometimes it’s hard to get a signal through the marble […]

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