World AIDS Day: Education and treatment vital


Today is World AIDS Day. It’s worth paying attention to. Because that disease is still with us. You know — the one no one wanted to talk about. Two people I loved died of AIDS in the 1980s and early ’90s, when AIDS was first being discovered and then shushed here in America. David and [...]

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It’s all about the bus

JR 030811 clifton springs

They’re back. Those bright yellow school buses are on the roads, ferrying students from sidewalks and street corners to the front door of school. “It’s GREAT to be back. I love seeing how much the kids have grown every September,” said Long Beach bus driver Joanne Rea. All drivers are urged to heed laws forbidding [...]

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Can’t take the August heat? Bold the cold: ICE ALS


The unstoppable Chris Pendergast — who maneuvers life and roads with his wheelchair, his headgear, his supportive family and his keen intellect to keep on keeping on — is at it again. He’s hosting an ICE ALS event this week. The retired teacher, and 22-plus year survivor of ALS, is using ice cubes to help [...]

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International Women’s Day marked by matters of concern

Does the phrase  ”International Women’s Day” seem too overwhelming? How do you narrow women’s issues down to specific actions you can take to get involved? It’s worthwhile to learn new things, and today was no exception.  Today, for International Women’s Day, I learned something big:  An organization called One Billion Rising Revolution, which describes itself [...]

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Recommitting to solving HIV/AIDS; helping those with illness


Today is World AIDS Day, and there is much to be grateful for (advances in care), much to do (supporting those with HIV, educating people about it), and much to know. This year’s theme for World Aids Day is Focus, Partner and Achieve. Dr. Ronald Valdiserri, director of the Office of HIV/AIDS and Infections Disease [...]

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Spring is green – and so is chemistry


Spring is not the only thing that’s going green.  At many schools in New York, so is chemistry. And it won’t end when the seasons change. In an article in the April issue of NYSUT United, teachers shared how they are using green chemistry to reduce toxins, prevent pollution; increase safety; reduce or eliminate disposal [...]

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Action alert: global call for release of Nigerian girls


NYSUT and AFT are supporting a campaign that is moving across the country, calling for the return of more than 300 teenage girls kidnapped from their schools by terrorists in northern Nigeria. Union members in all parts of the United States are documenting their support with a photo or a poster message and submitting it [...]

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Hail the hearty School-Related Professionals

School-Related Professionals have been called “the backbone of the public education system” and today, during a statewide snowstorm, there is plenty of evidence of that: They are the ones shoveling the school sidewalks, clearing off the school buses to take students home early and safely, making sure the heating systems throughout their district’s buildings are [...]

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NYSUT sends health benefits navigator to private higher ed locals

In order to help private college adjuncts navigate the Affordable Care Act, and to share its affects on them and their full-time colleagues, NYSUT’s health benefits expert, Sue Klug, is headed out on another road trip. Five independent college units — all part of NYSUT and representing about 1,500 members — will have representatives at tomorrow’s [...]

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NYSUT retirees help change NY hospital policy

When Ike Cassuto, the husband of NYSUT retiree Thalia Cassuto, got a bill for $6,000 for skilled nursing care earlier this year, he wasn’t happy. Now he’s just heard about  another bill — one that will help retirees on Medicare who are in situations like he was in. Good news was just announced: The governor [...]

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