P.S.: Summer feast for the eyes is at the Met

Erie Brewster, Edward Murrow High School, Brooklyn, teacher Spy Kontarinis

At at time when school art classes and programs are being squashed again and again due to inadequate budgets — alas, there is a place that uses its prestigious standing in the world of art to empower new artists and showcase student talent. That place would be the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you can [...]

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Educators book their summer travels through literature


This week, educators across New York are unpacking cartons of NYSUT-provided books they received from First Book to hand out to students. The beautiful books come in hardcover and softcover, and include recent, popular titles and classical fiction. There are funny books, adventure books and mysteries. Titles include middle-grade books, young-adult books and books in [...]

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Spring is green – and so is chemistry


Spring is not the only thing that’s going green.  At many schools in New York, so is chemistry. And it won’t end when the seasons change. In an article in the April issue of NYSUT United, teachers shared how they are using green chemistry to reduce toxins, prevent pollution; increase safety; reduce or eliminate disposal [...]

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Woman labor pioneer earns stage presence in new musical

Let’s test your labor knowledge: Who was the first female to hold a national labor post? Who formed the first female union in the country? Who led a strike of 200 laundresses? The answer to all of those questions would be Kate Mullany, a 19th century laundry worker who began protesting dangerous and unhealthy working [...]

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Picket in the Pines: How one person is finding his power


UPDATE: Jason Smith, whose call-to-action is featured in this blog post, appears on the cover of the May/June 2014 edition of NYSUT United in a photo taken at the Picket in the Pines event. If you’re tired of for-profit companies making money off of testing students and generating anxiety as they generate cash; if you [...]

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National Poetry Month brings news, teaching support


Does poetry seem unnecessary to you? Like an extra piece of jewelry? Or the whipped cream on the all-American, hearty apple pie? Poetry has been maligned like that. It’s used to it. But poetry asks us to pay attention.  A good poem has a relevant subject, and expresses an original take on matters, says George [...]

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Equal Pay Day a union reminder

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. Many of you will remember it because we’re a week away from the deadline to file income tax returns. If you’re a woman, however, you might remember it because, for all of your working life it’s been the day to mark how long you have [...]

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RA logistics: behind the scenes, before and after


Behind the scenes of the NYSUT RA, union staff scurries about busily before, during and after to make things tick, whirr and purr. The Information Technology department sets up and then breaks down the Internet zone that provides computers for members to use during the assembly. They also set up the Political Action Center, where [...]

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Charged-up delegates get ready to make policy


On many street corners in Manhattan right now, you can find someone hawking the ubiquitous black umbrella for $5. Buyers are seeking protection from the rain, just as NYSUT members descending on the city for the start of the 42nd Representative Assembly are seeking the protection that their union provides. Attacks on public education, gross [...]

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Women’s History Month still alive with learning

I’ve learned a lot this month. During Women’s History Month every March, a lot of information comes across my desk and on my computer. I’m always struck by the power of women to change the world, to fix their neighborhood, to right wrongs, to shelter those in need, to save a family, to keep trying. [...]

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