It’s Tenure Tuesday in White Plains


More photos are online at Flickr. If you are in White Plains on a Tuesday, chances are you are seeing red. Educators from the White Plains Teachers Association are wearing their new, red T-shirts to school for a growing campaign called Tenure Tuesdays. Like educators all across the state, they are fuming about yet another [...]

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Yorktown video: It really is about the kids

Animation is lively, colorful and engaging – and its use in a new, 30-second grassroots video, backed by the tender voices of young children, is message pure. At its heart are the voices of young students: thin, wobbly, lisping and clear as can be, explaining just what school is. Here is what they’ve learned in [...]

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What tenure, unionism meant to a blind man

The recent death of retired Poughkeepsie School District Teachers Association member Bruce Bevan raises a powerful story of tenure. A student of public schools in Hyde Park, Bevan went on to earn his B.A in Education from SUNY New Paltz and then became a teacher in Poughkeepsie. But then, in the early ’70s, he lost [...]

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All hail the button queen!


Button, button, who has the NYSUT Respect Education button this week? Why, royalty, of course. Saranac Lake’s newly appointed 2015 Winter Carnival Queen is retired elementary teacher Linda Jackson. Jackson was chosen to serve her yearlong reign in the wintry North Country because of her longstanding generosity as a volunteer. Her duties during the two [...]

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Here’s today’s tip: Support tipped workers

After holding public meetings throughout the state, and reading letters from concerned citizens, the New York State Wage Board has issued its recommendations for tipped wage workers — your waitress, your bartender, your waiter, your hotel chambermaid — to get a raise to $7.50 an hour. The deadline is Feb. 20th to show support for [...]

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80,000 and counting


That’s how many black, square “Respect Public Education. It works!” buttons NYSUT has ordered in response to demand. People are pinning them on their shirts, blazers, queen’s robes (yes!) ties, jackets, hats, and well, you name it. The buttons depict a small microscope, an artist’s palette and a computer – all programs being threatened or [...]

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Button Blogging: Education advocates find inspiration in ‘Mockingbird’


Button, button here’s who has the button this week? How about Harper Lee?!! Schalmont English teacher Sarah Mattice was in class with her ninth grade AIS (remediation) students, when one of them got up to sharpen a pencil. A newspaper was on the nearby counter. The student stopped sharpening the pencil, picked up the newspaper [...]

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Button, button who’s got the button?


When I was young, we played a game called “Button, button, who’s got the button?” We’d circle around a person in the middle, who held a button. That person would “pretend” to drop a button into our open palms, with only one person actually receiving the button. Everyone would immediately close their hands after their [...]

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Blowout response to being ‘in the crosshairs’


Even though Hudson Falls history teacher Matt Rozell has had experience with national media coverage (ABC, CBS, Buzz Feed) of his successful classroom efforts to connect Holocaust survivors with the soldiers who freed them, he was unprepared for the blowout response to a blog he wrote about Governor Cuomo’s disdain for public education and teachers. [...]

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Ichabod Crane local gives school board an earful on testing


The Ichabod Crane Teachers Association organized a protest of overtesting at this week’s school board meeting, drawing about 150 teachers and parents fed up with testing. The Ichabod Crane School District is about 26 miles southeast of Albany. “This (the English Language Arts assessment) is not developmentally appropriate for my students and I find it [...]

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