Common-sense voices of teachers, parents making a difference

When the State Education Department earlier today released student scores on this year’s rigorous new state standardized tests, SED’s accompanying statement stressed that the scores need to be viewed in context and should not negatively impact teacher, school, principal or district accountability. This suggests that SED is starting to hear what educators, parents and students […]

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NYSUT recognizes creative forces that made rally great

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi gave enthusiastic shoutouts from the “One Voice United” rally stage to the creative individuals whose talent did so much to promote and give musical voice to the cause. He recognized three local unions whose talented members created videos that have helped advance the rally:  Brian Higgins and Joe Karb from the […]

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Sure sign of rally’s success: a traffic jam

Buses are still unloading passengers well after the noon start of the “One Voice United” rally after a traffic jam — a sure sign of the rally’s success — snarls  State Street. Members of the Yorktown Congress of Teachers, stuck in traffic earlier as a result of the backlog, make the most of the moment, setting […]

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Albany teacher highlights the economics of testing in his powerful song

Examples abound of NYSUT members who have drawn on deep wells of creativity to convey how public education is being jeopardized by the state’s overuse of standardized tests – from the video “A Message from Your Child’s Teacher” to the latest creative composition: “Stop This Madness,” a song written by teacher Jeremy Dudley, a member […]

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Students provide rally’s soundtrack

Let’s rally so our students never have to experience The Day The Music Died. A lot of great music is on tap for this Saturday’s “One Voice United” rally in Albany, including what is sure to be a rousing performance by the Cohoes High School Marching band. Unfortunately, student band members have had experience with […]

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Rochester area teachers talk about test stress and flawed state policies

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi, center, with Rochester TA President Adam Urbanski and NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira at the Rochester "Tell It" forum.

Teachers from the Rochester region shared the realities of today’s classrooms, where student attendance is faltering in reaction to test stress; where each new state directive seems to underscore a lack of trust in educators; and where examples abound of the state’s rocky implementation of Common Core standards. A NYSUT “Tell It Like It is” […]

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NYSUT delivers to hungry storm victims on Coney Island

A Coney Island church sent out an “SOS: We have hungry people in need” and NYSUTs response was swift. NYSUT Mid-Hudson Regional Staff Director Ann Harrison arranged for the immediate delivery of truckloads of food donated from the mid-Hudson region to a church-run soup kitchen on Staten Island. Harrison thanked the NYSUT officers for expediting […]

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Jon Richard Flemming, union photographer and designer


Jon Richard Flemming, an essential member of NYSUT’s Communications team for decades, died July 13, 2011 at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany after a valiant battle with a long illness. He will be remembered as an experienced labor photographer and designer, and as a family man whose deep devotion to his wife, Anne, and their four children was apparent to all who knew him.

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Teaching through television


Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo did what she does naturally — teach  — when she was interviewed for CUNY’s television station at an interview site outside the RA hall. The local cable channel 75 serves the five boroughs of New York City with a range of educational and public affairs programming. As part […]

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`I wanted my son to hear you’


“I was told growing up that all work was honorable,” Ed Fry said, holding his young son in his arms as he spoke at the “We Are One” rally.  “The union made my career possible and in many ways, it made my family possible.”  Fry, who is vice president of the  New York local of […]

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