Poll: New Yorkers trust NYSUT more than Cuomo

A public opinion poll is but a snapshot in time. Yet, the latest poll from the Siena Research Institute suggests that New Yorkers trust NYSUT – and teachers – over Gov. Andrew Cuomo when it comes down to supporting what all kids need. By a margin of 48-36 percent, New Yorkers said they side with […]

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

The number of Pearl Harbor survivors is dwindling. Yet, that does not diminish the historical importance or solemn memory of that day, December 7, 1941, which President Roosevelt declared would be a day that “would live in infamy.” As Pearl Harbor ceremonies took place in Hawaii yesterday, NYSUT today remembers with honor and dignity the […]

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Fairness absent from report on attendance

A poorly constructed and researched report out this week warrants, at best, a grade of “incomplete.” At worst, the report gets an “F” for failing the test of accuracy, fairness and objectivity. The National Council on Teacher Quality released a study that purportedly looked at teacher absenteeism in 40 large urban districts during the 2012-13 […]

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Saturation coverage carries rally message

In the days leading up to Saturday’s “One Voice United” rally, news reports across the state carried NYSUT’s message: Excessive standardizing testing is undermining teaching and learning, and jeopardizing the potential of the new Common Core learning standards. On Saturday, that message exploded into a deafening roar in newspaper, radio and television coverage of the […]

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Stumping to dump Walker


When seven NYSUT staff members joined more than 40 other teacher union staff and local leaders in a hotel room in Racine, Wisc., the marching orders were simple: knock on 16,239 doors and get loyal Democrats, union members and signers of the petition to recall anti-union Gov. Scott Walker to the polls on Tuesday. For […]

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Skewed poll skewered by the facts

The Empire Center, known for its anti-public employee agenda, attempted another hit job today on pensions. But, upon close reading, it backfires. Even allowing for loaded questions trying to push teachers into an answer, it’s clear that teachers reject the dismantling of fair pensions through a proposed Tier 6. While the Empire Center surely was […]

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The Capitol’s ‘Million Dollar Staircase’ is now the ‘Millionaires’ Tax Staircase’

Setting the scene here at the Capitol: Organizers have renamed the Million Dollar Staircase the “Millionaires’ Tax Staircase.” There are hundreds of demonstrators from SUNY and CUNY. AQE’s Billy Easton announced that 70 large pizzas would be delivered to the Capitol at 7 pm, the largest pizza delivery in state history. He said s’mores would […]

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