Magee: DeVos would be ‘devastating’ to public ed

In the litany of developments that have followed in the wake of Election Day, one stands out as particularly onerous to NYSUT members, our students and public education in New York State: the nomination of anti-public school activist Betsy DeVos for the position of secretary of education.

Karen E. MageeNYSUT’s response to the DeVos nomination is in lockstep with our national affiliates, AFT and NEA. Last week, I appeared on Susan Arbetter’s “Capital Pressroom” statewide radio program to share our deep concerns with the DeVos nomination. I discussed the policy-based reasons why this would be devastating to public education in New York State and across the country, a message that was crafted in concert with AFT and NEA. Through our social media push, we have already shared press releases from AFT President Randi Weingarten and NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, as well as an op-ed piece from Randi and a recent MSNBC appearance by Lily.

NYSUT has also issued a blast communication through the Member Action Center, which includes a petition opposing the DeVos nomination. This past weekend, the NYSUT Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution to mobilize in defense of public education, from pre-K through higher ed. And, if you subscribe to either the NYSUT Leader Briefing or Member Briefing [login required], then you’ve already seen NYSUT’s position outlined in no uncertain terms: As far as education policy is concerned, the DeVos nomination takes us out of the frying pan and into the inferno.

These coordinated communications and actions are the first of many that will be required in the months and years to come, as we stand in solidarity with each other and with our sisters and brothers across the state and the country.

In solidarity,


CURRENT ACTION: Visit the Member Action Center and sign the petition opposing the nomination of Betsy DeVos!

FUTURE ACTIONS: to follow.


  1. Marcia Heffler December 7, 2016 at 6:41 am #

    Enough is enough. After this election, do we need more disappointment

  2. Sharleen Komp December 7, 2016 at 11:52 am #

    So many decisions are already being made without input from teachers, we are headed in the wrong direction!

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