Dont be fooled by IRS scammers

Have you received a call from the Internal Revenue Service lately? Well, ignore the chill that shot up your spine upon hearing from some authorative voice warning you that you’re under investigation. It’s a scam — one that’s been around for a few years. In fact, it’s become so prevalent that the IRS embarked on a public relations campaign last year to warn and educate taxpayers not to send money or provide personal information over the telephone or through email to people portraying themselves as IRS agents.

They’re not!

NYSUT Vice President Paul Pecorale recently received such a phony call — they tend to call as citizens are preparing their federal tax returns — and wants union members to be aware and to be cautious.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, the IRS issued a press release warning taxpayers about a new twist to the scam; a request for Social Security or bank account numbers to “verify” tax return information.

“These schemes continue to adapt and evolve in an attempt to catch people off guard just as they are preparing their tax returns,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “Don’t be fooled. The IRS won’t be calling you out of the blue asking you to verify your personal tax information or aggressively threatening you to make an immediate payment.”

What’s not phony, however, is the deadline to file your taxes. Unless you get an extension, April 15 remains the due date.

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