Rochester RO’s Shelly Clements honored by CBTU

NYSUT's Shelly Clements honored by the CBTU

NYSUT's Shelly Clements honored by the CBTU.

NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist Shelly Clements was given the Robert Wilson Leadership Award in August at the 2015 Coalition of Black Trade Unionists’ Region One conference in White Plains, N.Y.

In addition to her work with more than a dozen local bargaining units, Shelly is very active in Rochester’s Frederick Douglass CBTU Chapter, serving as a trustee and chair of the education committee. She also uses her experience as a high school teacher leading workshops on public speaking for CBTU International members at the annual conventions.

Shelly’s commitment to action and service is shown in her professional and personal activities. She credits her family with her belief that an individual has the power to make the world a better place.

By Tom Gillett

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